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Taylor Seufferheld

I liked the movie for the entertainment value it had. A lot of the themes or messages were fairly overt and easy to follow which I think they had to be because this movie in essence is a fun movie.

Austin W Woodall

X2 was an enjoyable film with a good cast. But it really felt like more typical action movies that I watch on any given day. Most of the previous films had a lot of soul or really deep story elements and were also films that I might've not chosen. Overall an enjoyable watch but low on the list of films we've watched.

Mariano Manzo

I loved this movie's cast, they all did an amazing job. I liked how they developed the characters throughout the film. This was essentially a typical, action packed superhero movie.

Sadee McClendon

I thought this was an entertaining film that was fun to watch but I actually preferred some of the other filmed we viewed in class that had more of a meaningful message. This film was really action packed so it kept my attention but I found it overly dramatic at times.

Tyler Durbin

I thought X2 was a good film. I enjoyed the action parts the best, because it’s my favorite part about movies. It had one of my favorite actors Hugh Jackman, so that made it better. It was a really entertaining film.

Camden Kennedy

X2 was very entertaining and opened up from a great introduction. Whether you had seen the first X-men or not you would be able to follow the story line quite easily. Since I grew up reading some of the X-men comics I appreciated the ending very much as a reference to the phoenix was the closing scene.

Katelyn Beard

I thought this movie had some interesting camera positioning and panning. I liked the varied scene/room transitions, like going through the peep hole in the door to reach another room. I also noticed unique camera angles, like when wolverine is getting something out of the fridge and the perspective is an up angle, almost like the camera was in the refrigerator.

Rylan Blair

I don't think I had re watched this movie ever since originally seeing it in theaters. After the assigned reading and watching it again in class I definitely picked up on some interesting details that I was unaware of. One thing I think the movie did a good job of doing was showcasing life on the margins.

mak york

glad to have seen a superhero movie in the lineup. I love action movies, so this made me happy we finished on a fun note. It was entertaining, and I actually have never seen any of the X-Men movies, so I was glad I could start now.

Ray Barton

I really enjoyed how this film handled the subject of marginality through the perspective of beings that would usually be considered good in the eyes of society. Instead, they are a metaphor for the marginalized groups who face discrimination based on their ability to hide their "mutation". Some can hide under the radar and only show their powers when they need to or they are stuck like Nightcrawler who can't pass as a "normal" person.

Myah Christensen

I enjoyed the movie, it usually isn't something that I would watch but I do enjoy action movies. I thought it was entertaining and it had interesting concepts in it. I probably wouldn't watch it again, but I am glad to have seen it at least once.

Tyler Durbin

I thought the film X2 was great. It was full of action which I like. Also, I enjoy watching the X-men movies too. I thought the use of special effects was good for the time. The character development throughout the film was good too. Overall a great film.

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